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We offer complete industrial waste management services, from collection to recycling.


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We help business adopt sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling practices.


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We focus on disposing of all waste sustainably and minimizing environmental impact.

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We are a company specializing in scrap plastic and non-ferrous metals in Europe

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We offer comprehensive recycling, industry-specific waste management, quality control & sustainability solutions for businesses and corporations.

Waste Collection
Waste collection is part of the process of waste management from our suppliers. It is the transfer of waste from the point of use and disposal to the point of treatment (where we start to act for you). Waste collection also includes the curb side collection of recyclable materials that technically are not


waste: after cleaning, shredded and finally turn into repro pellets they become are Our Raw Material program.


Recycle and Reuse plastics
Recycled plastic is a step towards the efficient utilisation of materials in the circular economy. We use recycled plastics to produce EM recyclates and our suppliers help us to find best solutions with their sorting lines and obtain more accurate quality in our plastics. EM is a cost-efficient raw material that


can partly or entirely replace virgin raw materials in the production of plastic products. A recycled EM plastic profile is a durable and environmentally friendly material for different purposes. Thanks to development work, Eco-Modus recycled plastic can be customised for your processes and product requirements. Together we can customise recycled materials for your production needs.


Becoming an environmentally friendly business is more complicated than just signing on to a cap and trade agreement. Everything from the way that products are displayed and advertised, how waste is recycled, whether or not changes can be made to the basic operations of a


business will all work towards making them more environmentally responsible.


Range of Products
Many of our clients soon began to ask us for additional products – and we responded. We have an ever expanding line of products including standards and technical plastics from HDPE, LDPE to PC, PMMA and all others. Last year has resulted in us launching new products that will help our


clients cut even more costs.


An Overview of Plastic Recycling
Plastic recycling refers to the process of recovering waste or scrap plastic and reprocessing the materials into functional and useful products. This activity is known as the plastic recycling process. The goal of recycling plastic is to reduce high rates of plastic pollution while putting less pressure on


virgin materials to produce brand new plastic products. This approach helps to conserve resources and diverts plastics from landfills or unintended destinations such as oceans.


Is the process of maintaining change in a balanced environment, in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are all in harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human


needs and aspirations. For many in the field, sustainability is defined through the following interconnected domains or pillars: environment, economic and social.


Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability in business offers the opportunity to integrate comprehensive sustainability targets and programs into business strategies and corporate responsibility programs


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