Partner & International Director

Amélie de Beck is the International Director of Eco-Modus Lda since 2011 and partner of the company since 2012. She is focused in business and loves to develop new strategies following the tendencies of the market. Her communications skills gave her the opportunity to gain client’s attention and support them since the first time they start business with us. She is 100% dedicated with staff, company and clients.

Asia Commercial Director

Since 2005, the complexities and profoundness of Plastics still keep fascinating me.
My Sino French culture, source of my sense of communication, builds my understanding of humanity and life in each of the countries I have visited.
Brave and passionate, determined and flexible, my sensitivity does not prevent me from being a commercial warrior, a “problem-killer” and a persevering challenger!


I have been a commercial for 5 years at Eco-Modus Lda. I work hard in this world of recycling that is constantly moving and where our capacity for adaptation is put to the test daily. Our focus is the quality of the material and customer satisfaction. We follow up from the purchase of the material, following the requirements imposed by the buyer and monitoring, until the arrival at the destination. Our inner motto is: "The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary."

Comercial Asia

Alice Long, works on the recycling field for 13 years having rich experience in sales of import and export. She has good communication skills, good execution ability ,coordination, analysis and decisions. Her hobbies are traveling, reading ,singing and dancing seems common but delighted to have time to enjoy. She enjoys new challenges with high responsibility, she also as a team work spirit and positive working attitude.