Privacy Policy

Legal regime resulting from the application of the General Conditions New Legislation for the Protection of Personal Data


1.1. The entity responsible for the processing of personal data is ECO-MODUS LDA

1.2. Eco-Modus has designated as the person in charge of data protection, Dr. Paes de Almeida who can be contacted directly and personally, through a letter sent to EMLda - Avenida da Republica nº3000 esc.17 Block B 2649-517 Alcabideche or from the  electronic address

1.3. The personal data of the Eco-Modus Lda Clients will be treated, insofar as it is absolutely necessary to the execution and execution of contracts, that result in the execution of their corporate business activity, to compliance with legal obligations, to the pursuit of legitimate interests of Eco-Modus Lda or because they were subject to the consent of the interested parties.
The data identified in the different contracts, such as compulsory supply, are essential for the provision of services by Eco Modus SA. The omission or inaccuracy of such data or other information provided by the customer, are your responsibility.

1.4. The personal data provided by the Customer or generated by the use of the service will be processed and stored electronically, intended to be used by Eco Modus Lda for the following purposes: marketing and sales actions, market perspectives, customer management and service provision , accounting, fiscal and administrative management, litigation management, fraud
detection, revenue protection and auditing, network and systems management, information security and physical security control, operator management and compliance with legal obligations .

1.5. The data processing, for marketing purposes, will be carried out according to the option of consent expressed by the client / provider. The consent must be prior, free, informed, specific and unequivocal, expressed in a written statement, oral or through the validation through subsequent consent, of an option. The Customer may object to the processing of data for marketing purposes at any time and in any medium.

1.6. Personal data will be kept for different periods of time, according to the purpose for which they are intended and taking into account the legal, necessity and Minimization of conservation time.

In particular, as regards traffic data, these may be kept until the end of the period during which the invoice can be legally challenged or the payment claimed, or for the periods legally defined for criminal investigation and prosecution purposes.

1.7. Eco Modus Lda may record phone calls made, as a means of proof of commercial transactions and any other communication, regarding the contractual relationships inserted in its commercial activity, as well as to monitor the quality of the service, in the terms required by the law or by consent, as applicable.

1.8. Eco Modus SA may resort to subcontracting for the purpose of processing personal data, in particular for the management of customers, the provision of services, billing and management, litigation, and these entities are obliged to develop technical measures and adequate organizational data protection, and ensure the defense of the rights of the owner. Under the legally foreseen
circumstances, personal data may be communicated to public authorities, such as the tax authority, courts and security forces.

1.9. In case of non-compliance with the payment of the service for an amount equal to or greater than 20% of the minimum guaranteed remuneration, Eco-Modus Lda can register the Client's data in the shared database (BdP), a database common to other companies They offer communications services. Eco-Modus Lda must inform the Client / Supplier, within 5 (five) days, that their data were included in the BOP.

1.9.1. Without prejudice to the possibility of claiming before Eco-Modus lda, the Client / Supplier can submit a claim directly to the control authority.

1.9.2 The Client / Provider can obtain complete and updated information about the privacy policy and the processing of personal data of Eco-Modus Lda, available at, categories of treated data, the purposes and legitimacy  for the treatment, the conservation periods and the exercise of rights.

1.9.3. Sections 1.2, 1.9.1, 1.9.2 are intended to comply with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27 (General Data Protection Regulation), so they will only apply from May 25, 2018.