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Waste collection
Waste collection is part of the process of waste management from our suppliers. It is the transfer of waste from the point of use and disposal to the point of treatment (where we start to act for you). Waste collection also includes the curb side collection of recyclable materials that technically are not[show_more more=”Read+” less=”Read-” color=”#000000”] waste: after cleaning, shredded and finally turn into repro pellets they become are Our Raw Material program.[/show_more]
Recycle and Reuse plastics
Recycled plastic is a step towards the efficient utilisation of materials in the circular economy. We use recycled plastics to produce EM recyclates and our suppliers help us to find best solutions with their sorting lines and obtain more accurate quality in our plastics. EM is a cost-efficient raw material that [show_more more=”Read+” less=”Read-” color=”#000000”]can partly or entirely replace virgin raw materials in the production of plastic products. A recycled EM plastic profile is a durable and environmentally friendly material for different purposes. Thanks to development work, Eco-Modus recycled plastic can be customised for your processes and product requirements. Together we can customise recycled materials for your production needs.[/show_more]
Range of Products
Many of our clients soon began to ask us for additional products – and we responded. We have an ever expanding line of products including standards and technical plastics from HDPE, LDPE to PC, PMMA and all others. Last year has resulted in us launching new products that will help our [show_more more=”Read+” less=”Read-” color=”#000000”]clients cut even more costs.[/show_more]